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#SALE – 10 beauty deals in Toronto

18 de julho de 2017

Are you still wondering what you are going to buy these days of incredible sales? Do not worry Basicats are here for it! We help you with a list of beauty products that are low priced and you can use a lot this summer – and summer is not even close to being over.

Brands like MAC, Sephora, Shoppers, Hudson Bay… are with incredible promotions, you must give an UP in your beauty necessaire , and go out beautiful and radiant this summer, without spending much money. What do you think about it? Amazingggg…

How about start making your own wish list and going out shopping, because we’ve already done ours. ;) Start with some of the best beauty deals below. 

I Love Cushion Bronzer – Sephora CAD 9

A cushion compact bronzer that features an innovative delivery system for a sheer, bronzed look.

Radiance Activator Treat + Prep + Glow – The Estée  (Sephora) CAD46

A three-in-one serum for instant, visible glow with long-term brightening and hydration.

Idélia Smoothness & Glow Energizing, Vichy (Shoppers) CAD35.99

An antixoidant rich formula specifically formulated for normal to combination skin to correct first signs of aging: smooths fine lines, boosts glow, refines pores.

Bulgari eau de parfum, Shoppers CAD79.50

Bvlgari successfully interprets the intensity and the refinement of a sensual and precious world into scents, the same world shared by this leading jeweller. The delicate tonality of the precious liquid transpires from the essential design of the frosted glass.

All the Right Angles Contour Palette, MAC – CAD 24

A contouring palette featuring Cream Colour Base, Sculpting and Shaping Powders.

Spellbinder Shadow, MAC  – CAD 13.20

A shadow made of ionized, magnetically charged pigments that cling to lids like velvet.

Infiniti Pro Hair Dryer, Hudson Bay CAD 43.99

Get salon-quality results with this sleek and ultra-lightweight blow dryer, powered by a ceramic AC 1875-watt motor to ensure lightning-speed drying times.

Danielle Deep Facial Cleansing System, Hudson Bay CAD 33.75

This Deep Facial Cleansing System Reduces the appearance of pores and wrinkles giving you smoother, softer and radiant skin!

Lip Mineral Lipstick Set, Urban Outfitters CAD 4.99

Out-of-this-world shimmer with these glittering lipsticks from UO. Must-have trio of creamy metallic lipsticks that shine, packed with endless amounts of glittering particles that will give you an undeniably stunning pout.

The Face Shop Sheet Mask, Urban Outfitters – 4 masks CAD 12


How to Clean your Makeup Brushes!

20 de junho de 2017

I already did a Portuguese post explaining how I cleaned my makeup brushes. But I realized that it is a very important subject and people have been searching a lot here in the blog, then I decided to post in English as well. ;)
For those who do not know, why the routine of cleaning the brushes is so important, here is my answer:” the reason is because it prevents dirt, oil, bacteria, etc, from being applied to our face.”


Sometimes we cleaned our brushes in the wrong way, which harms this important tool of makeup.

Now let’s go to the most important part of this routine, the products that you will need to clean the brushes: a soft children’s shampoo, apple cider vinegar and water. Simple!

In the past I used extra virgin olive oil and shampoo, but I felt that it still dirt on them. And I chose to change those products and include a product that I believe to be more powerful.

To begin with, moisten the bristles of your brush with warmed water, apply a small amount of gentle shampoo only on the bristles to eliminate dirt from them. Make foam and rinse, if necessary repeat these steps. In a bowl, make a vinegar solution, with one part vinegar and two parts of cold water. Dip your clean brush in the solution and swish it for a minute. Then rinse.

Squeeze and let it dry!!!

I confess, I am lazy and this is not my favorite routine, but it is super needed! I hope these tips will help you keep your brushes clean as new.



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Basicats Tips: Carry On Beauty Essentials

9 de março de 2017

Hey Girls,

For a long time I traveled without a good essential beauty kit in my handbag or carry on bag. What for me it is becoming a disaster, I have dry skin and airplanes, air conditioning leave the skin totally dehydrated and sensitive.
After a few years I decided don’t to be lazy and I created an essential kit that would help me during my travels and it changed my life! Now I am always prepared for any situation that might happen. Example: leave the airport and go straight to lunch in a nice restaurant, without seeming to look like a zombie hahaha.

I created a check list to share with you the items that I believe are essential during a trip, I hope it helps you too!


  • Makeup
  • Moisturizer
  • Makeup Remover
  • Deodorant
  • Toothbrush and Toothpaste
  • Hair Brush and Hair Ties
  • Leave-In
  • Thermal Water
  • Medicines
  • Lip Balm
  • Hand Cream
  • Perfume

Don’t forget that liquid products need to be in travel size!

Did you like the tips?

XoXo, Clau