19 de dezembro de 2017


Clau Mattos works as a personal stylist, personal shopper and fashion specialist consultant in Toronto, ON – Canada.

Specialized in the Latin market, Clau M. worked for 5 years in two big malls in Sao Paulo, Brazil, consolidating her career as personal shopper and fashion consultant.



“My clients ranging from students to women who are passing for a big transformations in their lifes such as: teenage confidence, pregnancy, promotion at work, menopause, etc. We work together to understand your style, personality, lifestyle and then build together a work that goes far beyond dressing well and nice looks. We work on self-esteem, self-knowledge, being happy with yourself and knowing how to explore the best of yourself.

We set up a coordinated wardrobe, practical and full of functional pieces to help you in the day to day, and how you will feel a more confident dresser. My goal is to offer to my clients an unique service, a partnership and the best result through an unique and transformative work.

Thanks for you interest in to know more about me and my work, and I am looking forward to working with you.

Best wishes,


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