I have launched my fashion career as owner of a multi-brand women’s clothing store in Sao Paulo from 2007 to 2011. Since that time my personal dressing style attracted attention, I always enjoyed mixing styles and playing with pieces of clothing.

In 2011 I studied the world of image consulting, did several courses and loved it. It was in the same year that I started my career as Image Consultant, assisting people in pursuit their unique qualities and making them unique and successful. My first job was as Image Consultant Assistant and Personal Shopper at Dresscode intl. for a year under Silvana Bianchini, the owner of the company and Brazilian reference in the fashion industry, that used to lead the personal consulting and the personal shopper services in a large and luxurious Shopping Mall in Sao Paulo, Iguatemi, and assisted in the administrative part of the courses that her company ministered. In 2012, I founded my own consulting firm where, in addition to supporting dozens of personal clients, I held the position of Personal Shopper at Shopping Villa-Lobos in Sao Paulo until 2015, when I moved to Toronto, Canada.

During those years working as a fashion consultant, I met a lot of people and many brands, and attended many events in stores, agencies and always I was an outsider: “Claudia, why do not you have your own blog?” At that time I was writing for two different blogs. So, in 2014, as a hobby, Basicats has born to share my looks, travel and what I had access to news in the world of beauty…

After 3 years running my site, it has been incredible how can I analyze my changes up to here. How the blog has been changing, and how my life has changed as well. It is very gratifying to see this work can be measured not only by numbers, but by achievements. I have achieved a lot of great things with this blog, experience, friends, work and the best it does me very well, I love that today Basicats is no longer a hobby, but a job for me. Who knows me knows how much I put of myself here.

I’m very happy and proud to have worked with an amazing list of brands partners including: Maria Filó, BOBSTORE, Zaful, Korres, Alyria, L’Occitane, Amaro, Levi’s and more.

I hope to be able to share more and more about my style, and a little more about who I am, the purpose of the blog has always been to show everyone that is not difficult to dress well paying cheap. After all I am also like you, that girl that looks at the shop window and after leave back home without bags, but make a piggy bank to buy those boots you loved so much. After all we are basics, pero no mucho!



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